Power Pirate – All Lyrics

Infecting Us

Hanging over a crucial decision, every step is treacherous.
Down the barrel, the question is a loaded gun.
Caught in the landslide of opposition from your company,
You can only swim upstream to overcome.

“Come inside tell us about yourself. Nevermind.”
You resolve again to take the chance. The reasoning hurts the resolution.
Catch your breath. Collect your thoughts. Fall into a trance.
Find the answer, then withdraw. Savor the rest.

In Mind

Holding on to a final stand, these victims of circumstance.
Their own thoughts like knives to their hearts,
They’re only truly helpless when they think they are.
They start smoking, start biting their nails, knees knocking together.
Twitching in their seats, there’s no hiding nerves like these.

Lost, fallen underground, with little room to breathe; keep them in mind.
Caught in history, drowning what they could be; they’re weighed down.
Why? What caused their ambition to rip to shreds?
In a mess of hysteria, wanting to be found.

A shuttered mind, a lamp unplugged, the hour drips on by.
Their motivation skids to a halt,
They’re only truly nothing when they think they are.
Dark horizons, stark reality, holes in their conscience.
Limiting their reach, it’s the trap of self-esteem.

Bring Them Back

I’ll never admit I miss anyone.
It’s the worst type of dishonesty.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

But I’ll admit it, because it’s now or never.
Caged behind the glass, fearing isolation.
As if I meant to throw out those better days, I’m pushing them farther away.
Bring them back.

Watching everyone take off around me,
Over time, I have silenced myself.
You dismiss all the dull jokes,
But you still dwell on our laughter.


I don’t know what you and I have discussed in the past.
We’d be so much less distant
If I’d only tried to listen.
Should have thought it over some more.

Running through the rain,
Watching busy streets,
I want this distraction.
It’s so nice when you’re feeling down,
Just watch. Watch the world alone.

I can tell that you’re trying to be insightful,
Trying to read in on my actions.
We’re not doing so well in communication;
Hoping for the best isn’t how to talk.


I can feel the nights coming in, the moon sails through the sky.
When the light starts fading as our lives stand by.
You can’t be sure when things go wrong, that you’ll never be the same again.
Give up hope ‘cause what you lost, never bother to regain.

‘Cause we’re always saying how some things are set in stone.
But your hopes can move around when your dreams have been outgrown.
Forget what people expect, we need all the respect that we get.
Just shuffle along keep moving ’cause you’ve got nothing to wish for.

You’re out of luck but not done. You’ve just gotta pull together to accept.
Sometimes there’s nothing left to hope for and you’ve lost your best bet.
And keep your hands at your sides after all your faults have been denied.
Keep it clean so nothing can happen. It’s boring but at least the mess won’t expand.

And We’re Off

I was born to be wild, maybe something like that.
but I can’t recall being born, to be honest.
I wasn’t given a purpose but I know what I’m doing.
I’m not wasting my time. I’ve kept on going, kept on working.

And we’re off, off to a running start.
Hard working, hard going,
Keep laughing. We know what we’re doing.
And we’re off, we’re off to a running start.
We’re going for the gold,
Putting all our cards on the table.

You, you’ve been asleep all day, and I’ve been up all night.
What have you got to say for yourself?
Don’t you feel any shame?
knowing that you aren’t worth the hassle.

Hold your breath. Slip underwater.
Count to ten. Count up higher.
Look how far we’ve come.
Look at me, look at us.
Look at me, look at us.
Look how far we’ve come.
And we’re off.
We’re off to a running start.
And we’re off.
And we’re off.


We’ll go down with a smile,
And out with a bow.
And keep our heads up,
As the world goes down.

Carpe Noctem

I’ve been fighting off the nightmares.
I’m being plagued by my imagination.
The air is thick with bad omens.
I can feel myself starting to turn for the worse.

So much left to go wrong.
In such a small amount of time.
Pick yourself up off the ground.
I can feel myself starting to turn for the worse.

Night Drive

It’s the last night in DC.
You better pack your bags.
We’re not leaving you.
You know you’re lying to your friends,
Saying you’ll be back soon.
No one wants this day to end.

Who knows when you’ll be back?
Leave it all behind.

It’s a night drive. The headlights hurt my burning eyes.
They won’t be coming back this way again.
We’ve lost them. There’s no going back on our minds.
There are no changes left to be made.

We’ve all got new lives to lead.
I broke the ties of family.
Separated just isn’t the same,
When you know you’re at fault.

It’s gonna be a long year.
Leave it all behind.

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