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Plane Ticket

Power Pirate’s first record depicts the difficulty of family separation and having to choose between pursuing a dream and a family life. Emily, the lead singer and guitarist, gave up living with her family in order to complete Plane Ticket. Her dad had to take a job in Belgium, and moved there from DC in August, 2009 with her older brother. In the song “Night Drive,” she shares her personal reaction to the separation:

…The headlights hurt my burning my eyes.
They won’t be coming back this way again.
We’ve lost them. There’s no going back…
– Lyrics from Night Drive (excerpt)

The cover of the album, a picture of a young girl succumbed by the powerful scenery of the sun setting behind the Washington Monument, emphasizes DC’s importance to Emily and the rest of the band.

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  • Power Pirate is DC’s youngest electronic rock band, and they’re making headlines in DC for their unique sound, DIY philosophy, and technical skill. The trio fuses 80s-style synths with hard rock drums and guitar to create a refreshing electronic rock style.

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