In the past few weeks we have made some announcements. If you’ve read those, thanks for putting up with us. It means something that you’ve even read this far. You passed the test. You’re exactly who we want to talk to: the people who care, even just a little bit. We’re interested in what you think we’re doing well, and what we’re not.

Basically, we want to inform you. If you know what our situation is, you might be as excited as we are to get out there and win this thing together. Here’s what’s going down:

Power Pirate is in a national contest, going for earning $5,000 for school music programs. If we receive enough votes, we will compete for this prize live in California, and the #1 band performs in Germany. That’s what we’re aiming for.

– Top prize: $5000 to local school music programs, we perform in Germany and California cash for [pp] to upgrade equipment. There are also non-top prizes that are exciting and cool.
– The voting system isn’t perfect, but we’re doing everything within our power to make it easy.


To make it easier:

WOW. This has been a novel. Sorry about that. To sum up: please vote and spread the word. This means a lot to us.