We’ve got big news! We’re in the semi-finals in a nationwide high school battle of the bands. We could win $5,000 for school music programs and a trip to Germany. The rules are simple: If we get more votes than the other 10 bands in our region, we will perform at the NAMM Show in California this January. Since you’re our core fan base, we are really hoping for your help.

You can vote here: powerpirate.com/vote

Basically, you sign up once, and from then on it takes just a few seconds to vote. You can vote every day. This is key: make sure your voice is heard.

We have also set up a system where you can sign up for a temporary, pain-free daily reminder. You get a discount from our web store just for signing up. More on that below. We hope that you’ll also take comfort in knowing that you’re making three teenagers really happy by helping out. :]

Multiple people can vote from one computer, so feel free to ask your friends, siblings, parents, and cousins to vote.

Here’s what we’re giving:

  • 10% store discount to everyone on the daily alerts mailing list.
  • An additional 10% to the top 20 people who vote from the reminders. If votes are going extra well, we will extend this more.
  • Free shirts and CDs to the households that vote the most times.
  • Free stickers to anyone who refers 5 friends or more to our reminder list – http://bit.ly/d3UJUI .

SchoolJam is raffling off to voters $1,000 for a new musical instrument and other great prizes.

Stuff [PP] can get:

  • A trip to Europe to perform at SchoolJam Germany in the Spring of 2011.
  • $5,000 for our school music programs.
  • $1,000 towards the purchase musical gear.
If you were watching Power Pirate a year ago, you’ll remember we went to California to play in this same Battle of the Bands last January. We placed 3rd in the entire country and won best keyboardist and best guitarist in SchoolJam USA, a nationwide high school Battle of the Bands.

Since then, we’ve released a CD and played dozens of shows. Our stage presence has improved, our musical ability has improved, and we’ve gained experience on all fronts. Give us another chance. Please vote – http://powerpirate.com/vote

…And send us an email. Even if you’ve never written us before or haven’t written in a long time, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know if you have any ideas for the contest!

Thank you so much. <3
Emily + PP