So coming to DC was amazing. I was there for 5 days but saw tons of people who I hadn’t seen in months.

A couple things to note as to why it was awesome:

  • I had chips with salsa for breakfast at least twice.
  • I played a show again.
  • I went to my old school for a day.
  • I got to see my BC Rich Bich again after a month away from it (D:).
  • We had a band Starbucks trip.

… and more.

Some thoughts on why the trip back was less enjoyable:

  • I had to leave DC. Duh. Lameee.
  • On the way back I took with me close to 140 pounds of luggage. You can check in only 50 pounds. I’m a weakling, so my back hurt.
  • I arrived on Monday morning at 7. I did not sleep on the plane. I stopped at home, took a shower, and went straight to school. I was exhausted.

Anyway, I’m awake way too early on a Sunday right now after 5 days straight of playing soccer. I should be sleeping. But don’t worry I blogged for Power Pirate instead.

Much love. :]

PS: My French sucks. Yes, Brussels is a French speaking city.