As you may have heard, Power Pirate is travelling to Anaheim, CA for the weekend to participate in the 2010 NAMM SchoolJam Battle of the Bands. We will be playing along with 9 other bands, and there are a number of prizes. One of these is the “Fan’s Choice” award, which is decided by the number of votes received via text message after the end of the show.
To support Power Pirate, you can vote UP TO FIVE TIMES from a single number.
Just send “Pirate” to 99299 between 9:00-9:30 pm EST on Saturday, January 16.
Remember, each cell phone can vote up to 5 times, so make sure to get friends and family involved. Thank you all for your constant support. 

Mike + Power Pirate

PS- for updates about the trip, you can follow me on twitter –

I will be tweeting about news and events, and I will be uploading photos there via twitpic. 
You can also follow the official SchoolJamUsa twitter here